Sports and games for infants

This week, during the M.L.C. classes we have been exploring, playing and enjoying sports and games.

We discussed our favourite sport and reached the conclusion that most of
us prefer football over any other sport. Although some of the girls said they
would rather do ice-skating!

To reinforce the vocabulary related to sport and games, we played word games
such as «memory», guessing games. what’s missing etc.

We went outside to the playground in order to put into practise some outdoor
games. We enjoyed a game of bowling, the skittles were made from empty
cardboard tubes which were painted bright and attractive colours, we used
a medium-sized soft ball to make it easier for everyone to score.
We jumped and hopped in a game of hop-scotch, we put pictures of sports
in each square, and the children had to identify the sport.

At Alameda de Osuna School we support sports and practicing exercise. We encourage you to practice sports with your kids!

Here are some benefits of sports for children:

•It teaches you how to follow rules.
•It helps you to overcome shyness.
•It produces a general increase of the coordinated movements.
•It promotes the growth of bones and muscles.
•It helps you to create habits.
•It develops interest for motion and exercise.
•It promotes hygiene and health
•It teaches you to have certain responsibilities
Have fun watching and dancing this song!

Icky Sticky Bubble Gum – Children’s Song – Kids Song by The Learning Station

Sports week

Learning to play a sport is an excellent activity for kids, not only is it physically great exercise, but kids also develop key social skills through the playing of sports. For example they learn how to follow rules, how to work as a team and that the most important thing is neither winning, nor losing, but taking part! And, let’s not forget that sports are fun!

As we introduced the names and equipment of the most common sports in English last week, this week we’re playing these sports as a fun and energetic way to review vocabulary.
We’ve played “category tennis,” where the kids are given a category ( for example: fruit, parts of the house, or clothing ) and they have to say a word from the category while they pass the ball. If the kid takes too long to think of a word, the other team wins a point! Kids also loved playing “memory football” where they pass the ball to members of their team while remembering a chain of phrases. If the last kid in the team can remember all the sentences his or her teammates have said, (S)he gets to take a shot at the goal.

We even have been taking advantage of the good weather and have taken the MLC outside the classroom to play basketball in the red playground, as well as traditional playground games such as Three Legged Race and Wheelbarrow Race. One thing is for sure, the kids of the MLC will definitely be ready for Sports Day next Sunday!


Sports in infants


Hello everybody!

During the MLC classes it’s interesting to see how the children have fun and, for that, we are working on sports during the next three weeks: football, basketball, tennis…

Today I’d like to show you all how to make a target game that they can use to practise their basketball skills. Children will be kept busy all day, because the first step is to build the game; the 3 and 4 year olds will need some help but I am pretty sure that the 5 year olds can decorate it by themselves.

So… let’s make our Target Game!

To watch the video just click on the following link

You can also read the instructions in Spanish, click on this

Have fun!


After an early supper, and a warm relaxing bath your child will be ready for a bed–time story.
Why not surprise him/her with a lovely story about SPOT the dog?
In this particular story, SPOT bakes a cake for his Dad’s birthday, so find out how SPOT helps to “clean up”, and what the best part of baking a birthday cake is for him!
After this delightful story, your child is sure to have sweet dreams!

You can find this book and other different titles in any English book store or department store. There are a number of places you can buy English-language books in Madrid:
– La Casa del Libro
– El Corte Inglés
– Booksellers
– PASAJES Librería internacional

Take a look at this link; you’re sure to find more stories to capture any child’s attention: