Marcel el extraterrestre

Ce trimestre l´équipe de français extrascolaire a terminé la croisière, maintenant nous pouvons reconnaitre les différents bateaux qui existent, reproduire par imitation des animaux en utilisant les verbes d´action appris et se mettre en situation face à un petit problème. Nous avons aussi vu arriver un nouvel ami prénomé Marcel l´extraterrestre. Après son arrivée, Marcel a rencontré Foxi le renard et Maya l´abeille qui nous a montré son jardín aux fleurs multicolores. Nous avons fait une présentation et un rôle-play des personnages façon théatre, des nouveaux mots et le son “U”.
Nous avons aussi commencé à apprendre une nouvelle chanson que nous aimons beaucoup:
Promenouns-nous dans les bois


This week in the MLC we‘ve started a new unit, and it’s all about food! We are having lots of fun learning about fruit, vegetables and many different types of food. We ‘re also reading stories , playing games and acting out our very own restaurant inside the classroom. Here are the lyrics and the link to one action song about bananas that we have been enjoying this week. Ask your kids to sing it with you!

Bananas unite (hands together above your head- say it loudly)
Peel Bananas, peel peel bananas (move one hand down at a time, like peeling a banana)
Chop Bananas, chop chop bananas (hands in front, as if you were chopping bananas)
Mash Bananas, mash mash bananas (hands in front, as if you were mashing bananas)
Mix bananas, mix mix bananas ( hands in front as if you are mixing bananas)
Eat Bananas, eat eat bananas (in a very quiet voice, pretend to eat bananas and then PAUSE for complete silence).
Go bananas, Go go bananas (REALLY LOUDLY, go bananas, go crazy!)

One of the activities that kids enjoy most in the MLC is using our SMART boards to play interactive games. There are lots of excellent language-learning websites to choose from. Below is a small selection of online activities which you can do with your kids, which are both educational and fun!

Children can review vocabulary learned in class with these fun games. , ( make sure you choose the audio-only version), and they can even practice shopping at an English supermarket.

If you visit this cbeebies website, you can see these easy to follow recipes specially designed for cooking with small children. There is even an online cookery game which you can do before making the recipes with your kids.

Have fun!