Marcel l ‘extraterrestre

Le groupe d´MLC de français a eu un second trimestre des plus amusant, grâce à Marcel l´extraterrestre et ses amis nous avons pu revoir du vocabulaire connus mais dans différentes situations de plus Marcel a voulu aller au zoo où nous avons pu identifier et compter les animaux vu et en meme temps les sons “ch” et “g”.

Nous savons aussi reconnaitre le masculin et le feminin de certains objets ou jouets, les memes mots écrits en minuscule et majuscules, les sons “e” et ” é”.

Nous pouvons dire si l´on aime ou pas certains aliments avec la chanson “j´aime la galette” et aussi reconnaitre certaines parties du corps grâce à la chanson “ petit Jean”

Fairy tales

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
― Albert Einstein
The next 3 weeks on kids club we are working on Fairy tales and Traditional Stories. I want to give you 7 Reasons Why Fairy Tales Are Essential to Childhood.
1. Fairy tales show kids how to handle problems
3. They give us a common language
4. They cross cultural boundaries
5. The Fairy tales teach story
6. Fairy tales develop a child’s imagination
7. They give parents opportunities to teach critical thinking skills
8. Fairy tales teach lessons

One of the stories on which we are going to work is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. The main objective of this topic is to work descriptions and adjectives.

You can find the story online on:

Also you can listen and dance with your children a fun song clicking on the link below (they will love it)

Easter activity

Nos encanta leer y por ello hemos elaborado nuestro propio libro de Semana Santa. Ahora podemos leérselo a nuestros padres, hermanos, familiares y amigos.

Aquí os dejamos nuestra historia de Semana Santa por si queríes leer con nosotros:

Mr. Bunny Shares

Five eggs in a basket.

Mr. Bunny wants to share.

One egg for little chick.

How many eggs left? ___

One egg for little bunny.

How many eggs left? ___

One egg for little duck.

How many eggs left? ___

One egg for Mrs. Bunny.

How many eggs left? ___

One egg just for you.

Can you decorate it? ___

IMG_2650 IMG_2644


Playing games is not a waste of time; they are a very important for the development of children. The use of games in the learning of a second language is vital, above all as a means of motivating the student.
Now I´ll give you a few examples of how we have adapted these games in MLC class. We are sure that you can also easily have fun playing these games with your children.
A fun way of helping the children to learn English can be as simple as adapting well-known traditional games such as bingo, ,la oca ( snakes and ladders) or veo veo (I spy)

Bingo is one of the most adaptable games that you can play. This game can be used to review absolutely any vocabulary and can be used at all levels. ( from colours to reading words). The following link is a page which generates the bingo grid according to the theme and the vocabulary that you want to work on.

I spy is a great way of practicing vocabulary orally. It is a very simple game which can be used in almost any situation and which can also be adapted to higher levels. The key to the game is to start with “ I spy with my little eye, something the colour… “ and the child will be able to point at something which is the colour or say the word.

La oca- snakes and ladders. We can create many versions of this game from grammar, vocabulary to conversation. By creating questions and the children need to answer correctly to proceed to the next space on the board. The youngest kids love to roll the dice and move the counters around the board.
There are also many games we can play, such as snatch the bacon, hangman wordsearch and crosswords.


This week we have had lots of fun learning about St Patrick, leprechauns, shamrocks and all things Irish!

We´ve made special glasses which turn us into leprechauns and singing and dancing to traditional Irish dancing! And look at our little leprechauns searching for gold under the rainbow!


You too can bring the mischief and magic of Leprechauns to your own home with this much loved Irish tradition.


A Leprechaun´s Visit – Leprechauns are little Irish fairies who keep gold at the bottom of the rainbow. On the night before St. Patrick’s Day, it is tradition for Leprechauns to come out to play . If you find a leprechaun, he will tell you where to find his pot of gold!

Why not play some little tricks or do some silly things that your children will notice in the morning, for example you can leave little gold coins lying around or leave a shamrock under your child´s pillow. Then the child will know the leprechaun has been to visit!

Happy leprechaun hunting!

If you would like to read more about the story of St. Patrick or would like more information about Ireland and its national holiday , visit these sites.

Here you can read the history of St. Patrick life´s story,

and also follow links to learn about how St. Patrick´s Day is celebrated all over the world.

Horario escolar en alemán

Diese Woche lernen wir über:

Schreiben unser Studenplan auf Deutsch.

Das ist der Studenplan von Jaime Ruiz auf Deustch.

helen 11

helen22Esta semana hemos aprendido a:

Escribir nuestro horario en alemán.

Este es el horario en alemán de Jaime Ruíz.


Lasst uns jetzt alle zusammen singen mit Luxuslärm!

Lied: Leb deine Träume


aleman 2

¡Vamos a cantar una canción con el grupo Luxuxlärm!

Canción: Vive tus sueños


Fruits and Vegetables

This week we are learning many new words for different types of food. We have noticed that every day we eat many of these foods. We have learned that food can be colourful as well as healthy. We can eat lots of different types of food, but we must make sure our diet is balanced and healthy, with lots of fruits and vegetables. At the MLC we reinforce healthy eating habits and we know that eating fruits and vegetables is more fun if we do it while singing!

The fruits and vegetables song!

This is useful to review the words we already know and learn some new ones!


After an early supper, and a warm relaxing bath your child will be ready for a bed–time story.
Why not surprise him/her with a lovely story about SPOT the dog?
In this particular story, SPOT bakes a cake for his Dad’s birthday, so find out how SPOT helps to “clean up”, and what the best part of baking a birthday cake is for him!
After this delightful story, your child is sure to have sweet dreams!

You can find this book and other different titles in any English book store or department store. There are a number of places you can buy English-language books in Madrid:
– La Casa del Libro
– El Corte Inglés
– Booksellers
– PASAJES Librería internacional

Take a look at this link; you’re sure to find more stories to capture any child’s attention:


Marcel el extraterrestre

Ce trimestre l´équipe de français extrascolaire a terminé la croisière, maintenant nous pouvons reconnaitre les différents bateaux qui existent, reproduire par imitation des animaux en utilisant les verbes d´action appris et se mettre en situation face à un petit problème. Nous avons aussi vu arriver un nouvel ami prénomé Marcel l´extraterrestre. Après son arrivée, Marcel a rencontré Foxi le renard et Maya l´abeille qui nous a montré son jardín aux fleurs multicolores. Nous avons fait une présentation et un rôle-play des personnages façon théatre, des nouveaux mots et le son “U”.
Nous avons aussi commencé à apprendre une nouvelle chanson que nous aimons beaucoup:
Promenouns-nous dans les bois

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