Cambridge exams – What do we do now?

First of all, congratulations to all of you who have done a Cambridge exam this summer – KET, PET, FCE or CAE. The question now is ‘What happens next?’

The results for these exams will be available in July, and can be accessed online, using the information on the sheet you were given with the timetable for the exams, at the following address:

Your results will be available from the following dates:

FCE                       12th July

CAE                       19th July

KET / PET          26th July

To access your results, first you need to register. To do this, click on the registration section on the left of the home screen. You will need to enter your ID Number and your Secret Number. The programme will ask you to create a password, so follow the instructions to do this. Write down your new password, because here in the department we will not be able to help you access once you have set your password.

Once you are registered, return to the home screen and enter on the right of the screen. To access your results, you should enter your ID Number and the new password you have set. You should now be taken to a page where you will find your results.



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