Sports week

Learning to play a sport is an excellent activity for kids, not only is it physically great exercise, but kids also develop key social skills through the playing of sports. For example they learn how to follow rules, how to work as a team and that the most important thing is neither winning, nor losing, but taking part! And, let’s not forget that sports are fun!

As we introduced the names and equipment of the most common sports in English last week, this week we’re playing these sports as a fun and energetic way to review vocabulary.
We’ve played “category tennis,” where the kids are given a category ( for example: fruit, parts of the house, or clothing ) and they have to say a word from the category while they pass the ball. If the kid takes too long to think of a word, the other team wins a point! Kids also loved playing “memory football” where they pass the ball to members of their team while remembering a chain of phrases. If the last kid in the team can remember all the sentences his or her teammates have said, (S)he gets to take a shot at the goal.

We even have been taking advantage of the good weather and have taken the MLC outside the classroom to play basketball in the red playground, as well as traditional playground games such as Three Legged Race and Wheelbarrow Race. One thing is for sure, the kids of the MLC will definitely be ready for Sports Day next Sunday!


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