Goldilocks and the three bears in infants

In our M.L.C. classes we are having a lot of fun exploring traditional stories.
One of them is «Goldilocks and the three bears»

First we read the story and the children had a chance to choose a mask of
Goldilocks or Mummy bear, Daddy bear or even baby bear!!
So after choosing their favourite character they were able to ‘act out’ the story.
One of the children volunteered to help the teacher with the narration.

The use of storytelling and role play helps the children to expand their
vocabulary and it also gives them the opportunity to feel comfortable and
confident in using the language in a relaxed and fun way!!

Have you heard the musical version of «The Sleeping Beauty»?

It’s really cute, it’s called » There was a princess long ago».

We have been singing the song and acting it out during class,
so why don’t you look it up and maybe share a few musical minutes
with your child?

I can guarantee you’ll have a ball!

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