Flyers´alumni have been working following the Kagan method, based on Cooperative Learning. Without any doubt it has helped the students consolidate different ways of learning, contributing to the development of their social abilities.
The structure we have been using is called “Quiz, quiz, trade”. Each kid has a card, one side of the card has the question and the opposite side has the answer. The students must find a friend to ask and answer the cards they have. Then they will check if their answers were correct, congratulate and thank each other for having played together. After this they will exchange their cards and find new friends to play with.
In our class we have played with “the time” which we have been studying recently, and we had a great time!


Los alumnos/as de Flyers trabajan en el aula utilizando la estructura Quiz Quiz Trade de la metodología «Aprendizaje cooperativo». El contenido que han trabajado es: preguntar y responder la hora en idioma inglés.

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