Playing games is not a waste of time; they are a very important for the development of children. The use of games in the learning of a second language is vital, above all as a means of motivating the student.
Now I´ll give you a few examples of how we have adapted these games in MLC class. We are sure that you can also easily have fun playing these games with your children.
A fun way of helping the children to learn English can be as simple as adapting well-known traditional games such as bingo, ,la oca ( snakes and ladders) or veo veo (I spy)

Bingo is one of the most adaptable games that you can play. This game can be used to review absolutely any vocabulary and can be used at all levels. ( from colours to reading words). The following link is a page which generates the bingo grid according to the theme and the vocabulary that you want to work on.

I spy is a great way of practicing vocabulary orally. It is a very simple game which can be used in almost any situation and which can also be adapted to higher levels. The key to the game is to start with “ I spy with my little eye, something the colour… “ and the child will be able to point at something which is the colour or say the word.

La oca- snakes and ladders. We can create many versions of this game from grammar, vocabulary to conversation. By creating questions and the children need to answer correctly to proceed to the next space on the board. The youngest kids love to roll the dice and move the counters around the board.
There are also many games we can play, such as snatch the bacon, hangman wordsearch and crosswords.

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